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Things To Do In Australia

Get a vacation to Australia? it will be the great experiences in your life. Australia the smallest continent in the world is famous for many things, especially the kangaroo. Australia became a habitat for animal life marsupilami. Speaking of tourist attractions in Australia, then we will be enchanted by the variety of natural beauty and tourist cities in the country. The country has six states and several cities in the state such as Meulborne, Perth or Canberra Australia became a popular tourist spot. Not only the city, each state also has other tourist attractions, both natural attractions or shopping tours.

Starting from the tourist beaches, many beautiful beaches owned by Australia. The country has a coastline of about 34,218 kilometers. Various examples of these beaches are major tourist attractions the Gold Coast in Queensland state. This beach is very beautiful, intended for surfing enthusiasts. Beach lovers can indulge in this white sandy beach, with a loud and foaming white waves. In addition there Baririer Great Reef off the Coast which is a collection of the world's longest coral reefs. Rows of coral reefs are located in Queensland and is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other beaches Great Ocean Road. Here you can find giant stone monoliths erosion caused by ocean winds called the 12 Apostles. In addition, the famous tourist beach in Australia is the City Beach in Perth Australia, Porth Arthur in Tasmania, pacific ocean scenery and Sorrento Beach in Perth Australia.

Tour of city also became a favourit in Australia. Of course you are no stranger to Sydney. Sydney has many tourist attractions that can be enjoyed, most notably the Sydney Opera House which has a unique architecture of the dome-shaped and looks very beautiful from the beach. This is the third busiest opera houses in the world and has several sections, including the Sydney Town Hall, City Recital Hall, State Theater and the Theatre Royal.

The second most popular city after Sydney was Melbourne. Merlbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and has several famous tourist attractions. Nothing can equal the beautiful night scenery in the city of Melbourne, with a row of skyscrapers and lights are colorful. There was also a Shrine of Remembrance was built to commemorate the first world war. There is also the Cenotaph and Eternal Flame, The Driver and wipers Memorial and Princess Theatre.

The next town is Perth Australia. Perth is the capital of the state of Western Australia. Interesting sights here is the scenery beautiful city at night, Parliament House, Kings Park, the Round House and do not miss the Burswood Entertainment Complex which contains rows of the best hotels, the dome, the Casino theatre.

Australia provides a variety of Central shopping places which is the largest shopping area in Australia. Several other shopping centers are the Queen Victoria Market, Queen Street Mall is located in Brisbane, Rundle Mall in Adelaide, Salamanca Place in Hobart, and Murray Mall in Perth Australia.