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5 Top Tourist Attractions In Spain

Spain, one of country with many fascinating tourist attractions. Spain is better known as "sun-drenched and wild land". The country has amazing, "toreros '(bullfighters), and' flamenco bailaors '(dancer). Also, popular for the' Steaming paella and 'pitchers of sangria', this place is simply awesome. The country is also known for its beautiful splendor. You can enjoy many famous touris attractions in Spain like visit the Alhambra in Granada, Seeing the Amazing architecture of Frank Gehry, Skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountain, take part in local village fiesta, see the spectaculer views at Ronda, visit Barcelona, enjoy the Art of Spain and much more.

And here are top 5 tourist attractions in Spain :

1. Real Palacio


Real Palacio (Royal Palace) of Madrid is the official residence of the king of Spain, although it is only used for state ceremonies. The Royal Palace was built between 1738-1755 and King Carlos III stay in the palace on 1764. Madrid's Royal Palace of is considered to be one of the finest palaces in Europe. It is not the official residence of the King of Spain, that is the Zarzuela Palace outside Madrid, though official banquets and other important state events do take place here.

Real Palacio is the largest palace in Europe by floor area. The palace has 135,000 square metres (1,450,000 sq ft) of floorspace and contains 3418 rooms. The interior of the palace is notable for its wealth of art, in regards to the use of all kinds of fine materials in its construction and the decoration of its rooms with artwork of all kinds, such as paintings by artists such as Caravaggio, Velázquez and Francisco de Goya and frescoes by Corrado Giaquinto, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Anton Raphael Mengs. Other collections that are preserved in the building are the Royal Armoury, Porcelain, Watches, Furniture and Silverware.

2. La Concha


La Concha in San Sebastian is one of the best beaches in Europe, especially Spain. Here you can go surfing, walking along the promenade to find a good restaurant and enjoy the beautiful scenery. La Concha is surrounded by steep cliffs and islands around it. Here visitors can play surf, stroll the beach and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical forage Spain. La Concha is one of the sights in the country of Spain. If you had the opportunity to travel to Spain is not complete if you do not stop at the La Concha.

Here you’re treated to some amazing views across the bay towards the little tree-topped island of Santa Clara. With soft sand, spectacular views and clean, clear Atlantic waters. But La Concha is long enough and wide enough for you to find a peaceful spot, even in peak season. As you’d expect from a city beach, the facilities are excellent, with plenty of changing rooms and sunbeds. With such a fine combination of culture and natural beauty. La Concha is one of the nicest beaches you'll ever get in a city.

3. Aqueduct Of Segovia


Ancient aqueducts carries water 16 km (10 miles) from the Frio River to Segovia and constructed of some 24 000 large granite blocks without using mortar. It was built around 50 AD still provide water to the city in the 20th century. Aqueduct Of Segovia become one of famous tourist attractions in Spain.

The aqueducts are located on the Iberian Peninsula and is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The aqueducts are a major architectural landmark in the city. It continues to function to the present day, in good condition and well preserved.

4. Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí, a Catalan architect who worked on this project for nearly 40 years until his death in 1926. The remarkable church is well worth a visit. You can visit the crypt were Gaudí is buried as well as the transept and central nave with its giant, tree-like pillars and spectacular vaulting. A museum narrates the history of the church and tells the story of its great architect. You can also visit the towers. An elevator and a long walk will lead you to the top of a tower from where you have a magnificent view over Barcelona.

5. Alhambra Palace


The palace was built in the 14th century by the Nasrid sultans. Alhambra is a palace complex, the royal relics of the golden age of Andalusia located on a hill at the edge of Granada city province of Andalusia region of southern Spain. Alhambra is also one of the top cultural highlights ever achieved by a European. Complex that was about 1300 years, ever became a settlement for forty thousand people, complete with housing, schools and gardens and their gardens. Alhambra palace is now one of the major Spain's tourist attractions and many visitors come to Granada just to see the Alhambra

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