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9 Top Tourist Attractions In Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, Victoria state capital located on the southernmost continent. There is definitely lots of places to visit, ranging from free tourist attractions around the city and out of town, until the need to pay extra according to the condition of your bag. Melbourne, Australia's second largest city after Sydney it should be called a garden city because everywhere there is always a park. The first impression when there are fairly standard: the city is very green. The following are the top tourist attractions in Melbourne:

1. Soverign Hill, Ballarat


Soverign Hill, Ballarat is a city of gold in Australia from mid-year 1800 are re-cooked so that it becomes a famous tourist attraction which brings you into the past. Imagine the houses and shops in the old dirt road that traversed the people dressed in 19th-century model and train horses. You can do many things in here, follow school lessons of that era (even learned to write with a pen dipped), see how the ancient steam engine (which is still working perfectly), panning for gold in the river, the ancient bowling to see the camp of Chinese immigrants. Do not forget to taste the caramel fudge and lollipops are sold in a candy store on Main Street. If you want to test your skills panning for gold, do not try to Souverign Hill in the winter because the river water can freeze your hands.

2. Melbourne Cricket Ground


A famous tourist attraction in Melbourne which is a sports stadium. This stadion capacity 100,000 spectators, the stadium is the largest in Australia and the eighth largest in the world, and is one of cricket's most famous stadiums in the world.

3. Bourke Street Walk


It Becomes obligatory tourist Attractions for travelers Because it is located in the City (Central Business District of his Melbourne). In Bourke Street there are Various Kinds of souvenir shops and centers That are Suitable for souvenirs. For the crazy shopping, two major department stores: Myer and David Jones also located here. But the most interesting in Bourke Street is a street musician Who plays a wide variety of music ranging from Jazz to Spanish Guitar genre. Make no mistake, They did not ask for a dime; but offers a CD of Their albums.

4. South Yarra


South Yarra is located in the south of the Yarra river is Melbourne's village of rich men. visit these attractions during the fall, the houses have the most magnificent colonial architecture will seem romantic decorated with glowing red leaf . After that you can find barbeque spot on the edge of the Yarra river, then cook BBQ steak is delicious using a grill that has been provided free of charge along the edge of the river.

5. Phillip Island Penguin Parade


This famous tourist attractions is perfect for animal lovers. Every afternoon, penguins are birds a day in the sea to go back to the mainland. On Phillip Island, you can see first hand these innocent birds marched inland and passes through your feet. If you want to see pingun from the closest distance, came the earliest and take a seat close to the beach with convenient access to the penguins.

6. Healesville Sanctuary

Different from the Melbourne Zoo, in this place the animals allowed to live freely is not stable, so you can interact directly with the animals (except the Koala because they sleep 20 hours per day). here you can see koalas at close range or shake hands with Kangaroo.

7. Royal Botanic Gardens


Melbourne Botanic Garden is located adjacent to the Shrine of Remembrance with the area of ​​36 hectares. Here there are more than 50 thousand plants, and many plants which are characteristic Australia. Here there is also the Children's Garden which was made specifically so that children can freely play and learn. The Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) one of the favorite tourist attractions and is the largest park in central of city.

8. Queen Victoria Market


For whose like shopping there is no other place in Melbourne that can rival the Queen Victoria Market or commonly referred to VicMart affairs shop. If you do not feel like shopping, walking in this market is also quite enjoyable. VicMart selling souvenirs, clothes, vegetables, fruits and so on.

9. St Kilda beach


This beach is also one of the city's most convenient icon in the world. St Kilda beach is located only about 6 miles from downtown Melbourne. One of the advantages of this beach is a grassy gardens and palm trees around the beach, so when the sun is too hot you live under a shade tree while sitting on the grass.