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Top Tourist Attractions In Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, after Alaska. Texas is often called as cowboy country. Texas is an important country in history and offers visitors a number of landmarks and historic sites to visit. Among the most popular tourist attractions are the Alamo, the Port Isabel Lighthouse, and the San Jacinto Monument. Things to see and do in Texas range from famous historical sites to amusement parks to natural wonders and variety of festival like Mardi grass festifal. Actually Texas has more lakes than Minnesota, although Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the state.

Here are some top Texas tourist attractions :

1. Alamo


Alamo was the site of the most famous battles in the history of North America. The Alamo is a historical attraction That is the symbol of Texas. The names of Those WHO Died defending the Alamo have passed into the arena of American legend, names like Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie. he story of the Alamo has been made ​​into Several movies and has become a legend as big as Texas Itself. Alamo become the most one of  popular tourist attractions in Texas.

2. River Walk


This Texas tourist attraction is world-famous for its plush location amidst some of America's most chic restaurants, lounges, art galleries, hotels, and more. But perhaps the prime feature of the River Walk is the ability to traverse, gondola-style, down a waterbed which is situated directly in-between shores of attractions.

3. State Capitol


Built in the mid-1800s, the Texas State Capitol building is still the same grand opening day. Visitors flock to the Capitol to view the building, as well as the legislative chambers it houses. When the legislature is in session, visitors are allowed to sit-ins. Offered are formal tours, but visitors are also free to take a do-it-yourself tours. Texas Capitol is a huge Statehouse that was built with pink granite. Towering higher than the nation's capitol building, this architectural wonder dominates the park-like area upon the which it is situated. Learn about the politics of the state of Texas in a setting the which Will make you marvel, or treat yourself to a guided tour of the complex.

4. Gulf of Mexico


Gorgeous coastline awaits you on your trip to the Gulf of Mexico, where you'll enjoy tropical weather alongside some of the world's most beautiful coastline. Get Kissed by the sun as you traverse the sand and the which grace Cliffs Texas' eastern border with the gulf; over 624 miles of coastline stretch southward from the Louisiana border, all the way to the border with Mexico near Brownsville, Texas.

5. Texas State Aquarium


Texas State Aquarium, the most extensive aquarium in Texas, featuring a wide-range of fish and marine life, including many species that are native to the Gulf Coast. Educational programs and tours are also available, but the make sure to block out a full day if you want to take in everything Offered at the Texas State Aquarium.

Hope this little information can help you when you decided to get a vacation in Texas. This list is certainly not a complete one - hundreds of other attractions can be found in Texas. However, visit one of the tourist attractions mentioned above will be a great experience .