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10 Best Tourist Attractions In Bangkok

AS well as the capital of the largest city in Thailand, Bangkok is fit to be your next destination. Bangkok become one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Asia. There are many interesting tourist spot you must visit. At there we can see the unique traditional culture in the space of international standard. Bangkok is a world-class shopping Paradise, Paradise Fun & Entertainment, Travel Paradise Natural Beauty, and Paradise Foods. Thailand is not just Tom Yam Goong - Chiang Mai there are the typical flavors of the North, cuisine fusion style of Blue Elephant, until the street food is no less delicious, but cheap.
This is the 10 best tourist attractions in Bangkok you must visit :

1. Temple tour in Bangkok

Bangkok has hundreds of temples and thousands of reflective surfaces which are very fascinating. Three of the most famous of which is Trimitr Wat, Wat Po and Wat Benjabophit. There are also other interesting temples are considered the most important religious icons Thailand, such as The Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew.

2. The Siam Niramit Show

Watching the show on a stage also you can get on the show spectacular Siam Niramit. This shows using the stage of the world's biggest stage, hundreds of artists and other Thai art package.

3. The beauty of the River Kwai

Not only beautiful scenery, the River Kwai is also equipped with a bridge and a small museum and tourist activities such as trips to the temples, the wild mountains and ride the elephant.

4.  Beautiful transvestites  show in Calypso Cabarat

Do not be surprised by this one place. Calypso dancers in a transvestite beauty Cabarat that resembles famous female artist in the world. Calypso night entertainment show involving many talented transvestite dancers, entertainers and singers lip-sync.

5. Enjoy dinner at the Grand Pearl Cruise

If time is getting darker, visit to the Grand Pearl Cruise to eat a delicious meal with your partner. This is the most romantic Bangkok tourist attrations, where you can see the stars in the sky that reflects it's light on the Chao Phraya River.

6. Thonburi Klong canals

Bangkok also has an important canal called Klong Thonburi. This channel offers the length of a speedboat trip to Wat Arun and Royal Barges Museum ends.

7. Sun River cruise to Ayutthaya

If you've been to temples in the middle of town, now is the time you cross the Sun River with a boat to Ayutthaya. This place used to be (in the 14th century and 18) is a port that is used for political and trade center in the fertile regions of Siam and Southeast Asia. Ayutthaya also has a palace of Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and the temple coated with gold gilding.

8. Around all day in Ayutthaya

Once in Ayutthaya, you can take lots of photos of wonderful tourist attractions. Starting from the Bang Pa-In, Summer Place, spectacular Chao Phraya River, and finally to the island of Ayutthaya, Kingdom of Siam, and so forth.

9. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This floating market has a routine life of local residents who are selling. Damnoen Saduak market became one of the icons in the city of Bangkok. This is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Bangkok.

10. Other interesting attractions in Damnoen Saduak

Having arrived at a temple by the river, you can proceed with the hiring of a wooden boat at Damnoen Saduak. Some of the sights seen on the edge of the river was the old wooden shops and Khlong rural landscape.

Hope the information above about some of best tourist attractions in bangkok can help you to plan your vacation in Bangkok. Happy Enjoy Bangkok.