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Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Scotland

Vacation to Scotland. If you currently choose to travel abroad, came to Scotland, there have many interesting tourist attractions that you must visit.

Here are top 10 Scotland tourist attractions that you must visit:

1. Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle is one of the oldest buildings. The building was first built by Michele Canmore. Currently this palace is one of the historical buildings that are always crowded with tourists every year. Edinburg Castle is not only beautiful, but its location on top of the mountain gives a very impressive sight. Edinburgh Castle become one of  top tourist attractions in Scotland
2. Glasgow Cathedral

Located about a mile to the east of George Square, the Cathedral has one of the finest post-war collections of stained-glass windows in Britain. Anyone visiting Glasgow Cathedral will be impressed with the stunning architecture and history.

3. Ardnamurchan beach


The atmosphere is quiet and beautiful scenery, that's the impression you get when visiting this beach. In addition, many marine habitats you rarely see such as whales, dolphins, seals, red deer, golden eagle and white eagle are also found there. Ardnamurchan beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Scotland.

4. Holyroodhouse


Can not be called to visit Scotland if you do not visit the Palace of Holyrood.  Holyrood house is the official residence of the King of Scotland. The palace was always used for official ceremonies or celebrations made ​​by the royal party. Palace of Holyrood was founded by David I. King of Scotland in 1128. Since the 15th century, became the official residence of Holyroodhouse king and queen of Scotland.

5. The island of Arran and Orkney


Arran and Orkney islands shall exist in the list of your visit. Two islands in Scotland this is a place keep important secrets owned Scottish history. The two islands are located in the cold seas of Scotland, Arran and Orkney Island offers stunning views of the castle ruins, stone circles and ancient temples. It was amazing tourist attractions in Scotland

6. Urquhart castle


The place is located in the highlands of Scotland, on the main road between the town of Port William to Inverness. Urquhart castle is a castle that has been witness to a history full of bloodshed. Its strategic location, on the shores of Lake Ness with a mountain backdrop with spectacular views.

7. Melrose Abbey


Melrose Abbey, now a ruin, is considered one of Scotland’s most beautiful buildings, and it’s fascinating history provides the visitor with a sense of romance. the popular attractions in Melrose abbey is an unopened casket containing King Robert the Bruce’s heart lay in Edinburgh until 1998, when it was buried again at Melrose Abbey on 22 June.

8. Blair Drummond Park


Blair Drummond Park is situated less than an hour's drive from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. You'll love this scotland tourist attractions, because in this place you can enjoy animals with wide open spaces. You can start off by driving through the animal reserves, then once you have parked you can take a walk through pets farm, visit the adventure areas, take in the falconry and sea lion displays, and visit chimp island.

9. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, with one of Europe's great civic art collections is the most famous Scotland’s tourist attractions. It is world class museum in a truly magnificent building, bringing an amazing range of art, history and nature to life. 

10. Whisky Shop

Stores that specialize in providing various types of whiskey was founded in 1992 and is the largest in Scotland. Starting with one shop, The Whisky Shop has now opened branches throughout the country. The Whisky Shop offers various types of whiskey are rarely found elsewhere.

Hope this information about top Scotland tourist attractions can help you to plan your vacation. Happy vacation in Scotland.