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Top Tourist Attractions In Netherland You Should Don't Miss It

Netherlands is famous for its tulips and windmills. The windmill is a fascinating cultural heritage of other nations that became an icon of the Netherlands. The Netherlands have many tourist attractions are worth to visit and should not be missed when you visit this windmills country. Here are the most popular tourist attractions in Netherlands:

1. Keukenhof
Then there is a tourist attraction called the Keukenhof flower garden. Flower garden in the town of Lisse is, reputedly one of the world's largest flower garden. This beautiful flower garden built during the second world war, to be precise about the year 1949. What's interesting is the Keukenhof Flower Park is not open it at any time the or is not every day. In one year, the flower garden is only open for three months, ie in March, April, and May. This is because a special Keukenhof tulips showing the beauty that only bloom in April.


3. Walibi World
In the Netherlands there is a playground for the families who called Walibi World. This tourist attraction formerly known as Six Flags Holland is located in the town of Dronten. A variety of exciting rides at Walibi World. The tourists who come with their families must come to this resort and try a variety of rides available. Can be tried here play roller coaster thrill that fast with a long track.

4. Zaanse Schans
The tourist area of ​​windmill-shaped collection of diverse and each windmill has its own function. Here can be seen how the windmills work for both dry land and industrial and agricultural purposes. Entering the tourist area of ​​Zaanse Schans is free of charge and direct the building will look traditional Dutch wooden houses hundreds of years old (Zaanse Huisjes)​​. Unique architecture of the most typical Dutch wooden green walls and was once a hallmark of Zaandstad homes in the area. Visit to the tourist area of ​​Zaanse Schans should not be missed when visiting the Netherlands because of its location not far from Amsterdam, especially when the air is cold, especially in the summer.

If there is time and chance, let's visit to enjoy life with a trip to this country. Happy traveling.