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5 Beautiful Cities in USA

Of the many U.S. cities that is famous for its splendor and luxury, hidden some of the city that offers extraordinary beauty. The cities are the perfect blend of modesty atmosphere with a modern food and drinks wine. These five beautiful cities in USA:

Sonoma, California

Sonoma comes with the building architecture of the 19th century, combined with elements of art. The city is a place where local farmers mingle with the people of San Francisco who was on vacation. They met at the bars that are in an area that has a well-known winery.

Stillwater, Minnesota

Small town that offers many choices. Is known to be a collection of art galleries are wonderful, interesting shops, restaurants and old inns are not less enchanting. Here are St. Croix, one of the protected river with beautiful scenery just like in the storybooks.

Greenport, Long Island, New York

There is a summer inn combined with old-fashioned cottage that serves seafood, and upscale restaurants. Inn, a pebbly beach, and fishing habits of the population, able to attract visitors who want to find a place to relax

Hermann, Missouri

Discovered in 1837 by Hermann, a German immigrant. Herman tried to preserve the culture here to hold the Teutonic-themed festival, such as Wurstfest, Maifest, and Oktoberfest. The city has a street for cyclists to get through the beauty of Missouri.

Charlevoix, Michigan

Here there a famous inland lake, which filled the summer when visitors are on vacation. Charlevoix beauty of the flowers seem to bloom everywhere. There is a lighthouse at edge of lake that serves to provide illumination at the edge of the lake and the surrounding area