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Best Adventure Spot in The world

Adventure, a vacation is challenging and enjoyable experience. Want to know where you can make the best adventure abroad? Get to the following countries. Here you will find challenging tourist attractions that very pleasant.

Here are 4 Countries to get best adventure spot in the world:

1. Costa Rica

In this country you can have an adventure in various places. Starting from pure backcountry adventure, surfing area, whitewater rafting, camping, fishing, diving to see the waterfall rappelling.

2. The Land of the One Ring, New Zealand

For you lovers of world cinema, certainly knows where the making of the movie "Lord of the Rings" Peter Jackson is diinovatori. This exciting adventure is quite obvious you are feeling during their stay in New Zealand.

3. South Africa

South Africa is the most popular destinations for travelers worldwide. Especially in the black continent, there are many amazing natural attractions. For example, large waterfalls, rushing streams, coast to the diversity of wildlife. Some places can be visited in South Africa is the Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park, Museum Bakone Malapa, Casino Meropa or immediately spend the night at the Hotel Giraffe Manor.

4. Land of Mystery, Siberia

Although they were once covered old, currently Mystery Land (Land of Mystery) a play place for the adventurous who are willing to walk in the dry desert area. Initially you will walk from the lush forest with views of the rolling tundra-tunfra. But in the final stage, the Land of Mysteries can be easily seen as an area in Mecca