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Big Ben National Park - Amazing Texas Attractions

If you are one of the more adventurous, try to explore Big Bend is a national park in the state of the United States, Texas. Here you can see the diversity of plant and animal species are remarkable.

What to see in Big Bend, Texas:

There are 1,200 species of plants found in Big Bend National Park. Starting from the cactus plant, bunchgrasses and stools (like grass), salad leaves to yuccas. In addition, there are at least 450 species of birds that lived there.

The stones around the Big Bend is quite a lot. Plus views of several mountain rivers and streams are the main attraction of course. Mount Rockies for example. About 75 million years ago, this mountain had been 'coloring' of this place.

Not far from the scene, there are two famous places, the river of Santa Elena Canyon in the west and the Sierra del Carmen in the east. To Santa Elena Canyon has a width of about 40 miles (64 kilometers) and the Sierra del Carmen cliff whose height reaches 460 meters.

These people have passed through this area for nearly 10,000 years. Big Bend ever be a place for the life of the Apache Tribe, the area of ​​mining, agriculture, the U.S. military war games, the revolutionaries of Mexico and international criminals or bandits.