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Glasgow, Interesting city in Scotland

Glasgow is Scotland's largest city in the state that was declared as a cultural city in 1990. Heard 'urban culture' perhaps you would imagine a street full of antique building with the community on a daily basis to produce works of art unique. In fact, Glasgow's more like a modern city full of industry. Glasgow is a famous tourist attractions city in Scotland.

With sophisticated buildings of modern architecture is expensive Glasgow show a different side of the culture. Glasgow is a busy town, with live music and entertainment in every corner of the city, and a variety of Bars, cafes and restaurants that never deserted.

Although the city is to look busy, but like the rush urbanism as in England. Glasgow's more like the cities of the Mediterranean, although without a lot of sunlight. The city attracts tourists in addition to the architecture and landscapes, as well as the hospitality of local residents. Residents were not shy about throwing a smile at foreign tourists and offer assistance when looking bewildered tourists.

In addition to living in cities, the countryside around Glasgow is also interesting to visit, one of Loch Lomond. Journey through the outskirts of sandstone, misty mountains and out in the hilly forests and lakes within an hour. Here, you can kayak around the lake surrounded by forest.

Glasgow is one of the many charms of Europe are well worth a visit. Full of history, full of culture, while still offering modern entertainment unceasing, plus a view about a feast for the eyes.