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Hampton Court Palace, Popular Attraction in London

One of the remaining colorless character of Tudor England, Henry VIII, probably the scandalous marriage, separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church and perhaps also the story of the ghost. Well, the evidence of all that you can be found at Hampton Court Palace along the River Thames.

Hampton Court Palace is one of popular tourist attractions in London. When the opportunity to visit Hampton Court Palace,  you can follow the tours alone or join a tour accompanied by a guide. But if you want a creepy tour, you can follow the Spirit tour is only available on Friday and Saturday nights. The tour lasted until March 6.

Things To Do In Hampton Court Palace 

Travel at night at Hampton Court Palace highlights the parts of the castle, in which the rumored ghosts appear and play your voice. This will surely make your neck hairs stand up immediately and that's why this tour is not recommended for children under 12 years old.

In addition artwork featuring historic buildings, and ghost stories, the palace is located in East Molesey, Surrey is also held in the Tudor era cooking demonstration kitchen has been restored. In addition, you also can explore the gardens around the palace, which includes a maze of winding along a half mile.

Long known as the king's favorite place to hold social events, this court has also just completed a replica of the famous wine fountain found in archaeological excavations in 2008.