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Louvre Museum Most Visited Paris Tourist Attractions

Louvre Museum is the home of famous paintings including the Mona Lisa. This museum is the oldest museum in Europe. About 6 million tourists visit this museum each year because of the background history of the museum and arts elements. Not surprisingly, the Louvre became the most visited tourist attractions in Paris.

In 1204 the Louvre was built as a castle. Then, the place was rebuilt in the 19th century. From the palace for kings and queens, now transformed into a palace of art. Mentioned that the Louvre is the world's richest museum with a collection of arts. Not only paintings but also antiques, sculpture and graphic arts design the main attraction of this place. There is also a diverse collection of antique Egyptian civilization.

Upon entering the museum, you will be greeted with a glass pyramid similar to the building of the museum. On the bottom there is the main entrance to the room of Napoleon.

Will be easy for you to explore the museum because each side is marked with color codes. Each floor also has its own color coded and divided into 10 sections. Each room is numbered. So, if you want to see a particular collection would be very easy to find.

In the southern part of the museum galleries are lined with large glass so that visitors can see more closely the work of the rise of Italian society in the 19th century. You can see the gallery in which there were several collections of the Spanish nation. In addition you can also enjoy the creations of art from artists such as Leornado Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Milo, Donatello, Berlin and Maillol.