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Oulanka National Park - Finland Tourist Attractions

If you go to Europe to try to stop by and visit the northern region of Finland. There is one beautiful place, which is also known as Oulanka national park in the highlands of Ostrobothnia and Lapland.

Orchids, pine, spruce, and silver birch trees become part of the charm has to offer. In addition, a variety of mushrooms is quite fertile at this place, especially in autumn. In Oulanka forest area there were 7,000 species of insects as well. One of them is to build a nest as high as one meter is the wood ant. Populations of other animals that inhabit this place is a deer.

During the winter, the Oulanka National Park is changes. Almost all the parts covered with ice and landscapes that still survive around the River Oulankajoki. Oulanka rocks capable of generating acids and nutrients to enhance plant growth. The natural beauty of the place is almost similar to those in the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

To get to the Oulanka National Park, you can drive by bus from Salla and Kuusamo, which is also the closest airport to the Oulanka (about 60 miles from Kuusamo)