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Things To Do In New York

There are many interesting places in New York. However, the most memorable for the holidays with family is the Manhattan or New Amsterdam, where the history is quite attached to the Dutch arrival in the island since 1624.

Things To Do in New York :

Many things that you can do when visit New York such as enjoy the Artificial lakes, trails, two ice skating arena, wildlife protected areas, lawn, and playground for children in Central Park had become one of the world famous gardens often used for filming and television coverage.

For lodging, you can take a room at the Beacon Hotel which is quite close to Central Park and the Dakota building where John Lennon was born and die again.

At Serendipity 3, you can order a hot chocolate, in Chinatown there is a place to eat even the most extraordinary and outside Tiffany was a restaurant that serves a menu of hot coffee, orange juice, eggs and pancakes.

Encourage your child to the famous toy store on Fifth Avenue, FAO Schwarz. In this place, you can buy a set of table football game Barbie pink that can be played by two teams at U.S. $ 25,000.

Other interesting places are the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History at the Moma. Take pictures of your children and his beloved wife in one corner of the room for an unforgettable memories.

For the busy atmosphere of skyscraper buildings of the 20th century in New York that reminds us of such a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Horizon is so incredible to the eye to touch the heart.