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Things to Do in San Antonio, Texas

Perhaps the name of the city is not as popular as New York and Chicago, but in Texas San Antonio is one of the ten largest American city with a lot of people and interesting historical sights. There are many interesting tourist attractions in Texas, especially in San Antonio that you must visit.

Things to do in San Antonio, Texas

Many interesting that you can do in San Antonio, Texas. Alamo, for example. This is the city's most famous mission, in which a small group of Texans stay in a castle for 13 days against the Mexican General Santa Anna's forces in 1836. Despite being ultimately ruled, the Alamo remains a symbol of courage as well as sacrifice.

In addition, you also can visit other mission town of San Jose. This is where the Mariachi Mass (Christian prayer group) were arrested. Being in this place as if to remind us of the life that has ever happened in the year 1720.

In San Antonio, River Walk is also popular for family holidays. Variety shows, restaurants and hotels is provided in there. One of the best hotel near the River Walk is the Hotel Valencia.

For those of you who want to see animal life, come to San Antonio Zoo. There, at least more than 3,000 animals from the Amazon and the plains of Africa have gathered in their respective space. It could also be the Hixon Bird House to see free-flying birds.

However, if you want to do adventure in San Antonio, follow the package "Adventure Tour" to a cave with a rope equipment and a lamp in front of the helmet or the Natural Brige Cavern which is a largest bridge in Texas.

To watch more interactive activities, in San Antonio is also no Guinness World Records museum whose contents are various works of great people who managed to break the world record. There is also the Scobee Planetarium is located at San Antonio College. It offers public programs that can be seen with a telescope.

If you want to see the beauty of the city from a height, come up to the Tower of America which can reach 750 feet (229 meters).