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Vacation Spot for Families in United States

There are many vacation spot for families in United States. Here are the top five tourist attractions ideal for families. This is it:

1. National Parks and Nature Reserves Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

The highest sand dunes in the United States is stuck in the east side of Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Of the main mound as high as 700 meters west wind that spreads about 30 square miles. Maybe your kids are not too sore when it crashed in an area like this, but it remains the most appropriate timing when the weather tends to heat. Well, if you like extreme sports try the slide with a board (sandboard).

2. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Fantastic scenery in Western Washington and snow peaks of a mountain in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Follow the journey a mile to the subalpine zone and gardens in the area of ​​Sunrise. It's a great way to introduce children to the beauty of nature. They will feel like a real mountain climber standing on top of Ridgetop.

3. Great Cave National Park, Kentucky

Great Cave National Park (Mammoth Cave National Park) is the area of ​​the cave tour is too long for the kids, but still interested by them. Invite your family well into the Frozen Niagara that can be taken for more than an hour. Spectacular views of the Great Cave of Kentucky is the Rainbow Dome, Crystal Lake, Niagara Frozen Flowstone, and Space Curtains. With this introduction, ease your child into a good nature lovers.

4. Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

For in the northeastern Arizona are the Petrified Forest National Park which offers exciting adventures for children. Is the Giant Logs Trail that can be taken from the Rainbow Forest Museum. This road leads to the biggest log in the park Old Faithful area about 170 feet in length. Here, children can see the variety of ancient trees which crystallized dank Eras absorb water solution due to silica. Rainbow Forest Museum includes exhibits of animals of the past, like dinosaurs are very popular in the eyes of children.

5. Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

The main reason people native Americans vacationing this place because the Devils Tower National Monument is considered as sacred places that are designated as America's first national monument in 1906. Here, you and your family can watch the solidified volcanic magma. It's amazing of course. Devils Tower is located on top of rock debris setingi typical 867 meter. Children and parents can also see a change in the shape of the tower from a different point of view or watch the rock climbers who are experts. Take your time before going home to watch the landing of an alien movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind