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Visit Fascinating Lake Como, Italy

The lake, which stretches from the Piedmont to Lombardy and Veneto is known for its mystical for centuries. Ancient Roman writers, including Pliny the Younger was the first to use the area as a refuge.

Lake Como, Italy is often written as a lake full of love with the calm trees with beautiful flower gardens. Currently, it's legendary reputation continues. Celebrities including George Clooney and Richard Branson has had a villa in Como for over 10 years. Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is known to buy a house with 30 rooms in the Maggiore in 2008.

Only a few changes taking place in Como in the last 50 years, although it has been established as a luxury hotel Castadiva. But still the main attraction of this lake is the authentic simplicity.

Although loved by celebrities and world leaders, Lake Como in Italy is still adhere to the history and tradition. Along the edge of the lake that stretches 30 miles from the port of miniature Cernobbio through Laglio to Menaggio.

To the east of the lake Como there is a village on the hillside villa Bellagio with colorful rainbow seperri. There is also an old fishing villages and Varenna Bellano known popular with medieval castle and its Renaissance garden.

The place could be an option to stay the villa built by an industrialist in 1879. Villa Crespi is now owned by renowned chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo become quite attractive villa in Como. 19th century atmosphere that feels real with a variety of tempting dishes that inevitably makes this villa so popular as a place to stay.

To the east, there is a group of small villages that San Felice del Benaco; Gargnano with Roman ruins, museums villas and upscale hotels including the historic Villa Feltrinelli