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Wonderfull Attractions in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali, Indonesia

Located on the limestone plateau and looked at at the southern tourist areas of Bali, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park is a window of art and culture of the island which has a natural background and a fascinating panorama. With the distance 15 minutes from the Airport and less than an hour from the main hotel locations, GWK become one of the main objectives for a variety of art performances, exhibitions and conferences or a relaxing visit even spiritual visits.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana often called GWK is one of popular tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia. An area of ​​250 hectares summarizes various cultural arts activities, venues and a variety of culinary services. As the palaces of Bali in the old days, visitors will see GWK monumental grandeur and spiritual which are all enhanced with a modern twist with the facilities and services appropriate. In spite of you come as part of the thousands of visitors a cultural event or an individual to simply enjoy a light meal and drinks while watching the sunset, you will feel the beauty of nature and culture and friendly of the people.

GWK is Modern manifestation of an Ancient Tradition

Vishnu - Hindu symbol that represents the main force of the universe that dominates the keepers of this region. Manifested as a giant sculpture made ​​of brass and copper with a height reaching 22 meters, making this figure as a modern manifestation of an ancient culture and tradition. The accompanying form is Garuda - a large bird that became the vehicle of Lord Vishnu as the symbol of freedom as well as unconditional dedication.

Stone arches - some pieces of natural rock pillars as high as 25 meters a sturdy stand that will be carved with various ornaments taken from the dramatic story of Ramayana inspired the Balinese performing arts. Sculptured reliefs carved patterned background sculpture puppet (or Gunungan Kayon) are very typical Bali and Java

GWK as Place For Various Performance

With relatively low rainfall, but is open to be able to enjoy the tropical breeze, a facility owned by its pedestal is ideal. Amphitheatre with a capacity of 800 seats and first-class acoustic arrangement, is an unparalleled place for art and cultural performances. Lotus Pond, surrounded by stone pillars and rock background Eagle statue's head to make the area a capacity of 7500 people was very dramatic for a variety of grand event. As the arena ceremony villages in Bali, Street Theatre is the perfect place for a variety of processions, fashion shows and various performances in motion. Place a social ideal is the Plaza Tortoise, which has a capacity of up to 200 people. In addition, open to the public, Exhibition Gallery which has an area of ​​10m2 200m2 open courtyard contained therein.

At GWK you can Dinner under the auspices of Stars


A number of cafes and restaurants provide a complete catering service, from snacks, light meals to banquets. On-site catering services are available capable of serving up to 2000 servings, with a variety of Indonesian dishes, Oriental or International dishes that can be customized with themes and locations.