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11 Best Tourist Attractions in Dublin Ireland

Situated, next to Dublin Bay crescent-shaped, and split by the River Liffey, Dublin, Ireland is a city easily explored on foot. Moving on from this fact, many tourist attractions in Dublin you can find with just a short stroll around the town center and these of them:

1. College Green

At the northern end of Grafton Street, you will find the College Green, a main square with three sides. There are Bank of Ireland is the building formerly home to the Irish parliament in the late 18th century. Well, to be contrary, you will find the main attraction of the square is Trinity College. Founded by Elizabeth I in 1592, Trinity College had some famous students, including the author of Swift, Wilde and Beckett. Within these colleges there are also the old library which exhibits one of Ireland's national treasures, the Book of Kells from 800 AD.

2. Dame Street

Dame Street to the north, the west of College Green, you will find the Temple Bar which is a medieval area with narrow cobbled streets. Temple Bar Dublin promoted as a cultural crossroad with the bright evening entertainment.

Further to the west stands Dublin Castle where you can follow the tour by paying 3.9 pounds. Tucked behind the castle is the Chester Beatty Library are free of admission fees. Inside you will find a wide collection of manuscripts and art objects from around the world. Continue to the west and southwest of Dublin Castle, Dublin there are two Protestant cathedral is the Church of Christ and the church of St. Patrick.

3. Kildare street

A short stroll through Nassau Street from Trinity College, you will arrive at Kildare Street. There you can find the National Museum, free admission. Inside are a collection of prehistoric gold and Viking artifacts. After visiting this museum you can go to the National Library is also free admission to see the exhibition literature.

4. Merrion square

In the northwest corner of Merrion Square, you will find the National Gallery of Ireland which is free to enter. Inside are a collection of European art and the collection of Ireland. Park in the square can also be a perfect picnic spot.

5. St Stephen's Green

Kildare road leading south to the St Stephen's Green. The focus is a city park with a display of flowers and statues to commemorate Ireland's past. On the eastern side of the park, you will menemulan Green Newman House is featuring original interior and luxurious Georgia. Tour guide at home is available from June to August at a cost of 4.3 pounds.

6. O'Connell Street

At the center of O'Connell Bridge Dublin stood across the River Liffey. The bridge will take you to O'Connell Street is decorated with statues of political leaders such as Daniel O'Connell and Charles Parnell, as well as stainless steel needle as high as 400 feet, known as "The Spike."

7. Parnell square

Further north, Parnell Square is a version of Georgia but has one feature that is Ireland's historic theater The Gate. You will also find Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane is known as. Inside are a collection of Impressionist and Italian art.

8. Smithfield

The roads and tramway takes you from O'Connell WIDE continue west toward Smithfield area which houses the Old Jameson Distillery, where you can learn about the whiskey and try some samples. A little farther to the west, you will find Collins Barracks.

9. Phoenix Parks

Of Collins Barracks, half a mile to the west, stands the entrance to Phoenix Park which is the largest urban walled park in Europe. Inside the park, you can find a home garden, deer, and the Dublin zoo entrance fees 12.9 pounds.

10. Kilmainham

Located opposite of the Phoenix Park, you'll find the outskirts of Kilmainham which houses the Irish Museum of Modern Art is renowned for its imaginative and experimental exhibition.

11. Guinness Brewery

Back to the center, James Street is dominated by a large Guinness Brewery. It's not open to the public, but you can explore the manufacturing process and its history in the Guinness Storehouse with 12.9 pounds entrance fee. When he was here, visit to the Gravity Bar at the top of the tower, where you can enjoy a free beer while watching a beautiful panoramic view of Dublin