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5 Beautiful Beaches in Greece You Must Visit

Greek island nation is a fresh destination for tourists. One reason is because there are dozens of exotic beaches in sepajang coastal stretches. For you lovers of the beach, this is a dream destination. Even from the air, you can see shades of dark blue, light blue and white around the islands. With a coastline of 13 676 kilometers, there are dozens of destination point that is worth your visit.

In Greece, the beauty of the coastline is backed by exceptional cleanliness. You will not find garbage strewn beaches lined. There is only a distant expanse of clear blue sea, one with clean white sand beaches.

Sometimes you have to pass through pine forests, cliffs, palm trees and forests to reach some remote beaches. But it definitely pays off when you are faced with a real paradise in the eyes. There are several beaches that you must visit when on vacation to Greece. Here it is 5 beautiful beaches in Greece:

1. Arvanitia (Nafplion, Peloponnese)

Forget the urban environment in Greece and come to your beautiful beach. Arvanita beach popular with tourists because of the stunning scenery. If you're traveling from Mycenae to Epidaurus, or vice versa, this is the perfect place to rest. The existence of the bathroom and clean up the space into an additional facility for your swimming activities

2. Paradise (Mykonos, Cyclades)

As the name implies, this beach is like heaven on earth. Tourists usually come to this beach to relax tight muscles before the long winter. Not because the beach is known as a 'party beach', to have fun at night. Near the beach there are bars, restaurants and public bathrooms are equipped with clean room to change clothes.

3. Lalaria (Skiathos, Sporades)

From a distance, you can see the coastal clean white beaches, the sand combined with a matching piece of coral. This color is then aligned with a thin mossy cliffs, resulting in a gradation of dark green and light green. Because of her beauty, Lalaria become the most famous beach in Skiathos, as well as the most visited by tourists.

4. Myrtos (Kefalonia, Ionian Islands)

There was no beach 'is best suited to be enjoyed' rather than Myrtos beach. The location is likely to be difficult to reach when using a personal vehicle. However, beaches with striking blue color of sea water is absorbing a lot of tourists. You can just bring a picnic lunch to this place. But when it comes, you are guaranteed not going to do anything but marvel at its beauty.

5. Vroulidia (Hios, northeast Aegean)

Vroulidia is the most beautiful beaches are located in the northeast Aegean. The majority of its coastal cliffs and rocks, and even some caves that penetrate between them. But it was the remote location is what makes the beach Vroulidia rarely touched by the hands of tourists. You would not think there is a beautiful place on earth.