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5 Best Nature Tourist Attractions in England

Upon entering the spring, England offers the beauty of natural scenery. This natural beauty will be a prize for the tourists who visit it. Check out some tourist attractions in the England which offer the beauty of spring in England:

1. Fingal Cave, Scotland

Staffa Island is home to the Cave of Fingal. It brings the sound of water flowing into the sea cave pipe. This phenomenon is similar to the Giant Causeway in Ireland. Legend has it that both are formed when two giants threw stones rival each other in the Irish Sea.

2. Farne Island, England

Northumberland coast is home to 23 species of seabirds, including 37 000 pairs of puffins. A large colony of gray is also here and more than a thousand puppies are born in these islands each fall. In addition to natural attractions, the islands are also historically significant as the home after the St Cuthbert in the 7th century. Today, visitors can admire the chapel dedicated to him and fine stained glass windows. A Victorian lighthouse and a medieval tower is also worth seeing and the Northumberland countryside scenery is unrivaled.

3. Snowdonia, Wales

The highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon is a holiday center in Welsh. Climbing is the best way to enjoy the mysterious and ancient landscape around it. Mountain railway can take you to the top if you feel less energetic, although there are some roads in accordance with ability. After reaching the top, you'll be treated to the most spectacular views in England, which can now be enjoyed from a specialized center of unique visitors, Hafod Eryri, which opened in 2009.

4. Cheddar Gorge, England

Cheddar is one of nature's most remarkable in England. This place has become a tourist destination over the years, without encroachment into the real beauty of the area. Rock climbing is better here than anywhere else by providing some exciting training opportunities, such as climbing the tower and learn about 9000 years old Cheddar Man, England's oldest skeleton.

5. Simmer Dim in Shetland, Scotland

Do not let it deter you because of the remoteness of this beach can fill the void with breathtaking views along the north coast. Shetland presents a wild scene with millions of seabirds and island with a deeply rooted tradition of Viking fire festival.