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5 Most Beautiful Island In Greece You Must See

Undoubtedly, Greece does have a nature that is so exotic and beautiful. In fact, some of them appointed to the tourists as the most beautiful island in Europe.

Greece is an archipelago with more than 5,000 islands. Some of them even has a very beautiful beach, clean and glistening white sand sunlit.

The beauty of this Greek-owned island which makes it as one of the favorite holiday destinations of travelers, from within and outside the country. Here are the five most beautiful island in Greece:

1. Aegina

Many travelers who have come to the island of Aegina say this is very interesting and must-see. Aegina offers a complete tour. Historical and natural attractions are certainly unforgettable. Many tourists say the island of Aegina is a virgin in Greece because there are so many unknown people.

Tourism promotion of the island is also not so intense, it's no wonder that few tourists who still come to this island. Aegina is also suitable for you who are looking for a quiet holiday. In addition to seeking the peace of self, explore the island is the thing to do. Aphaea travelers can visit the temple, one of the historic temple at Aegina.

2. Icaria

In the Aegean Sea, Greece, there is another one the most beautiful islands in Greece, Icaria or its name. Icaria's name is taken from the god of Greek mythology, Daedalus. The Greeks believed, Icaria falling from the sky in the sea around the island of Icaria.

Behind the fall of of trust Icaria, Icaria island is endowed with an abundance of natural beauty. There, there are mountains and green valleys. Icaria advantages compared to other islands is the natural person has not been touched, because the access is quite difficult. In addition, the Icaria also has some ancient Greek ruins and beautiful beaches with white sand. Try to look into the sky Icaria, if lucky you will see eagles flying freely there.

3. Santorini

This favorite of travelers, Santorini. The island is well-organized and well-known as a romantic island. Many tourists who use the island as a honeymoon destination. From a distance, Santorini looks radiant as a luxury holiday with a classy hotel. But not all of it true, Santorini also has cheap accommodation, backpackers suitable for you.

Fira is a must visit while in Santorini. Fira is a small town on Santorini. The city is located on the western edge of the island and its position slightly down, about 250 meters. Challenge your adrenaline with bungee jumping. One thing that should not be missed, capture every moment in Santorini, and you'll be glad you've come to the wrong heaven in the Greek world.

4. Mykonos

For the backpacker, Mykonos is paradise. The island is popular with backpackers because the island is to provide facilities for backpackers, such as cheap lodging. In addition, Mykonos is also providing cheap entertainment but festive. No less glorious with lavish entertainment on the island, like a beach party. Come to Paradise Beach, and find a party every night.

The uniqueness of which are owned and not owned island of Mykonos in Greece is another urban island unique. Streets in Mykonos is shaped like a maze, twisting and turning. Flee and go into the alley, and found a white sand beach with clear blue sea on the end. This backpacker paradise.

5. Zakynthos

You like to swim? Try a dive in the sea island of Zakynthos, Greece. Zakynthos is the name of an island with the most beautiful scenery. The island has a beach, surrounded by high cliffs, and super white sand. Remove the camera and capture every beautiful scenery that you will find there.

Just like most other islands in Greece, Zakynthos is also the island is still virgin. Many fun activities you can do when in Zakynthos. Enjoy the ocean while relaxing on the boat is not a bad choice. For travelers who like to dive, diving or snorkeling in Zakynthos is an activity that should not be missed. Zakynthos has a marine underwater caves fun to enter. In addition, turtles are also ready to accompany your dive.