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5 Most Expensive Tourist Attractions In The World

When the holidays come, everyone always wants to continue the journey from one place to the tourist sights next. Though expensive, but you will find satisfaction is very meaningful.

Here are five most expensive tourist attractions that will inspire your trip:

1. House of Bourbon, Paris

Paris is the city's most popular tourist destinations in the world. In addition to the famous romantic Effel Tower, in this city you can still get a new experience at The Royal House of Bourbon, Paris.

With spending of U.S. $ 300 to U.S. $ 1,800 per hour, you can spend the night and spent a week at The Royal House of Bourbon. Package price includes the cost of hospitalization, major clothing Ritz sstu suit, ordering food in Paris swankiest joints to travel to special tours by private jet vehicle.

Your tour time is guaranteed not to be bored, because there travel package has other interesting themes, such as the Fashion Day, Day Fragrance and Jewels Day. The Royal House of Bourbon is a luxury hotel that has a history and the concept of building the kingdom of France at the time of Louis XIV.

2. Heli-skiing, Canada

In one province in Canada you can get the satisfaction that you are spurring will jump from a helicopter and immediately drove to the mountains of British Columbia snow to ice skating.

For those of you who are interested and want to book a package tour to British Columbia, can immediately contact the company Canadian Mountain Holidays, the largest travel. With a price of U.S. $ 21 thousand you can ski for a week and traveled tourist attractions in Canada, such as the Monashee, Selkirk, and Kootenay. As for other services on the fourth day of body treatments provided by Halcyon Hot Springs Village and Spa.

3. Miami's Evian Bath

If you want to feel the pleasure of bathing in the City of Miami, United States, try visiting the Evian Bath at the weekend. The price of a vacation package to the location of these baths is U.S. $ 11,000 (including the cost of lodging at the Hotel Victor, body care, enjoy delicious food "Seven Sins Chocolate".

Make yourself more than the beauty of a Queen Cleopatra as long as you soak in Evian Bath, because this place is the most expensive bathing place in the world.

4. Enjoying the Zoo Tour Antarctica

In contrast to Africa, Antarctica zoo consists of white or desert area known as the White Desert. To make this long trip, you will be guided by the company's Explorer Patrick Woodhead British camp from Cape Town, South Africa.

The tour only lasted for ten days and you have to pay a fee of U.S. $ 30,000 per person. Some of the attractions that will be displayed in the White Desert is a bevy of penguin watching the snow, go ice skating up the ice mountain climbing.

5. Private Jet World Tour

Follow the package travel around the world by using a private jet plane Boeing 737 which passengers 75 people. Costs should you spend is U.S. $ 59,950 (including fees to travel around Dubai, Serengeti, Cambodia, Morocco, Cuzco, Papua New Guinea and Easter Island).