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5 Spectacular Beaches In Australia

AUSTRALIA has a unique natural environment and diverse, with unique wildlife and amazing landscapes. Including property owned by Australia, including national parks, UNESCO World Heritage area, and beautiful beaches.

These are 5 spectacular beaches in Australia, for lovers of sun, sand, water sports, and the views of the ocean blue:

1. Wineglass bay, Tasmania

Wineglass bay offers a fantastic view and has a pink granite mountains. This beach is very popular for fishing, boating, sunbathing, and rock climbing.

2. Byron Bay

This fantastic beach has a relaxed atmosphere and artistic, as he saw the charm of beauty culture. Activities to do here is surfing. With surfing, you can feel the beauty of this beautiful sandy beach.

3. Bondi beach

The beach is located in the Sydney area is known as the place to go. Here, you can perform the beach sports activities as well as surfing. Not only that, this area is also full of cafes and ice cream is ready to refresh your thirst.

4. Kangaroo island

This coastal area stretches nearly 100 miles. Indigenous people still rely on this area for fishing and farming as their way to make a living. The island is quite varied as it offers beautiful beaches, some interesting wildlife, and upscale restaurants.

5. Whitehaven beach

This beach is located in the Whitsunday Islands, which has spanned nearly five miles of sand in the Whitsunday Islands. Beautiful and famous beach is a great place to escape and relax with stunning views.