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5 Top Winter Surfing Spot In The World

Travel surfing waves is identical to a tropical beach under the scorching sun, like the beaches in Hawaii, Bali, or other tropical islands. Who would have guessed, this sport is also popular in countries with cold temperatures.

Here are the top winter surfing spot in the world:


As the largest state that has the highest mountains and longest coastline, Alaska is now dubbed the best winter surfing spot in the United States. The international surfers are usually straight to the beach while surfing Yakutat who are experts will surf on the island of Kodiak, the second largest island in the United States that waves spoil the adventure lovers.


Located in the north to make Canada a country with cold temperatures. However, this did not prevent him to become one of the traveling surfing. In the west, there is the City of Vancouver Island, dubbed Tofino surfing capital of Canada. Meanwhile, in eastern Nova Scotia there is for surfers who want to get away from the crowd.

This small island nation has a unique surfing Surfer managed by the Arctic. Surfing in Iceland. It combines surf ski, odd couple that only you can find in Iceland. However, one thing that makes Iceland the country's best winter for surf is the number of natural hot springs. Once satisfied surfing in cold water, you can relax in the warm bath of hot water.


If you are resistant to cold and fierce winds, Ireland is a great place for surfing. Most surfers go to the west and north coast, which is quite crowded by the surfers. To get warm, the beaches are the typical beer taverns of Ireland.


surfing area in Russia is relatively unexplored and isolated, so surf here will also hone your skills venture to find a way. With the Baltic Sea, the Caspian and Black Sea and the Pacific and Arctic Ocean, surfing in Russia is just perfect for your serious surfers who have high flying hours.