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6 Most Beautiful Canyon In The World

Canyon or large ravine is one of the wonders of nature that carved over thousands of years by a fast moving river. This natural phenomenon is very dear to miss when you visit one of the countries that have a spectacular canyon.

Some of the canyon offers the most dramatic scenery on earth. Most of the canyon is formed of a very long process of erosion of the plateau. The cliffs form because harder rock resistant to erosion as a result of weathering of the walls of the valley the weather is still happening.

Here are the six most beautiful canyon in the worlds that might be one of them can be visited.

1. Todra Gorge

Todra Gorge is located in the east of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and has a 600 meter-high peak is very spectacular. Below the canyon, the track conditions with flat rocks rocky narrows the width of about 10 meters while the cliffs beside the thin-walled and smooth rise up to 160 meters. Among the towering cliffs there is a small river.

It's easy to walk around the canyon because there are well-maintained dirt road. Scenery in this canyon are spectacular and you can also see the local community with his little ass.

2. Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is one of the major tourist attraction in the southern desert region of Australia's Northern territory. Mysterious dome formations, sharp cliffs, and beautiful scenery you can see in this canyon. Kings Canyon cliff wall has a height of more than 300 meters, with Kings Creek at the bottom. Some parts of canyon is also an Aboriginal sacred site.

When you visit this canyon are encouraged to walk the path that has been provided. The most popular track is the Giles Track (22 kilometers) which connects King Canyon to Kathleen Springs.

3. Taroko Gorge

Located near the rocky eastern coast of Taiwan, Taroko Gorge is one of the most popular tourist attraction in this region. This canyon extends as far as 19 kilometers and offers a number of hiking trails with stunning views of the spectacular cliffs and the rushing water suangai. Taroko name has meaning magnificent and beautiful. The name comes from a story in which the ancient, indigenous Truku see the stunning beauty when it runs out of the canyon. Amazed by the beautiful atmosphere, they then shouted "Taroko".

4. Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is actually a valley networks that several times larger than the Grand Canyon. The canyon is formed by the six rivers that flow on the west side of the Sierra Tarahumara (part of the Sierra Madre Occidental). Six of the river is joined to the Rio Fuerte Rio and flows into the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The most popular way to explore using the Cooper Canyon Chihuahua al Pacifico railroad. This train line passes through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels with a condition to climb as high as 2400 meters above sea level offering views of the valley.

5. Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is the Colca River valley, in the Andes, southern Peru. The canyon is two times deeper than the Grand Canyon but has a less steep valley walls. In this stand-colored valley towns built in Spanish colonial times and earlier inhabited by Collaguas and Cabanas. The attractiveness of the Colca Canyon, in addition to the incredible scenery, is the eagle Andes. Eagle can be seen from a short distance away as they fly at high altitudes.

6. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a steep bluff, which was carved by the Colorado River in northern Arizona. Most of the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park and the gap is also one of the seven wonders of the world. Grand Canyon was first seen by Europeans, GarcÃa de Pez CA La ³ ¡rdenas from Spain in 1540.

This gap created by the Colorado River cutting a strait for millions of years. The length of canyon is about 446 km and has a width ranging from 6-29 km with a depth of 1,600 m. Nearly 2,000 million years of Earth history has been cut by the Colorado River and its tributaries at High plains of Colorado began to rise.