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7 Best Travel Tours in Africa

Still confused in choosing the location of your next vacation to Africa? We recommend the following seven are considered the best travel tours in Africa.

1. Bush Serengeti Trek Epic

One of the leading safari park is Epic Bush Serengeti Trek. This is the track of the hunting area for the elephants and lions. 9 day holiday costs that you'll have amounted to approximately U.S. $ 6,376

2. Red Sea

By using the ship Clipper Odyssey with passanger 110 people, you can explore the most famous sites near Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Eritrea. Red Sea is the destination for 17 days

3. Mana Pools National Park Zimbabwe

Jeep driving among elephants, rhinos, hippos and lions or take a boat trip of two nights is a tourist attraction in Mana Pools National Park Zimbabwe. Adventure this time will be at a cost of about U.S. $ 6,295

4. Tanzania, South Africa

Expedition to this place reminiscent of a documentary made for National Geographic tells the beginning of human life. One is the skeleton "Lucy" was expected paleoanthropologists 3.2-million-year. In addition, you can also visit the research room to study the similarity between chimpanzees and humans in Gombe National Park or the beginning of human prehistory at the Olduvai Gorge.

5. Historical places in Egypt

The main points of the target is Alexander the Great is centered around the Western Desert to the Oracle of Amun. Historically, this is a shrine to a god and the pharaoh in Egypt. Follow the journey for 14 days at a cost of about U.S. $ 9,870.

6. Botswana

Some places are the mainstay of this country is the mountain bike arena Makgadikgadi Pans, a giant lake on the island stronghold and sacred granite Kalahari Bushmen.

7. Ghana

You can walk to the north of Accra (Ghana's capital) leading to the tribal lobby. Voodoo dolls and then watch the show and rest in a tent. 13 day tour to Ghana requires a fee of about U.S. $ 2700