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Ageeba Beach, One Of Top Egypt Tourist Attractions

When hearing the name of Egypt, probably comes to your mind is the Pyramids and Sphinx. Apparently, the Egyptians have Aggeba Coast is no less beautiful and pretty. Beach with 7 colors, you must visit when on holiday there.

Ageeba beach located about 28 kilometers from the city of Matruh, or 8 hours from the city of Cairo. There is no public transportation that passes through this place. However, you can reach it by car rental.

Ageeba name is taken from the Egyptian language, which means magic. This beach is magic because it has seven colors when viewed from a distance. When at dusk, the charm of this beach beauty will add a sense of awe you.

The beach is very beautiful and pretty. The sand is very clean, sea blue and calm. This place is famous among international tourists. In fact, Ageeba Coast has become a favorite destination for college students in the land of the prophets.

Things To Do In Ageeba Beach

Ageeba beaches surrounded by huge cliffs and beautiful. So, you have to go through dozens of stairs to get down and enjoy this beach.

You can play the activities on the beach or swim wade through the sea water clarity. From the top of the cliff, you can see the cliffs that surround Ageeba coast. Guaranteed you will feel at home for a long time on this beach.

The uniqueness of this beach is clean and the water is very clear, although many tourists who came. It also would be nirvana for you the photography.

Ageeba beach charm 7 color, water clarity, and beauty of the surrounding cliffs make this place an enchanting attractions in Egypt. You would not think that the country is desert, stored extraordinary beauty of the beach. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and menggagumi Ageeba beauty of God's creation.