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Amazing Lake Powell, Utah Touirst Attractions

Spring and autumn is the best time to travel with a paddle boat on Lake Powell, Utah, USA. The reason for not meeting the ships boat or personal watercraft rented visitors crowded in summer.

What is interesting here? Here you can be making a trip to a lake located in the Glen Canyon Dam, Colorado River by canoe or kayak paddle.

Lake Powell is the main purpose. Lake Powell is a freshwater creek that has a green-colored water with the trajectory of the end of Navajo sandstone cave which rises about 500 feet (150 meters).

To get to this cave, at least you have to paddle the boat as far as 185 miles (300 kilometers) with a range of 96 through the valley. After relaxing in there and take pictures, you can paddle back to back to camp.

You need to know that there are no fees or permits required to enjoy Lake Powell. Get more info on the site / glca. But for the cost of boat rental and excursions ( five days approximately $ 895