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Beautiful Lavender Field in Provence, France

Vacation to France did not mean having to spend time in the city of Paris. Romantic side of this country also comes from the countryside. One of them comes from the Provence region, located in southeast France.

In this region there are vast expanses of lavender fields, together with the beautiful landscape of hills and mountains behind. Dark purple color that characterizes the lavender fields come together nicely with the bright blue sky nan, green grass and trees, as well as gray and wood houses that characterize the local residents. Enjoy these hypnotic landscapes, lavender-scented airwhile sipping a very fragrance.

Two of the most famous lavender fields are Plateau de Valensole and the Plateau de Sault. After seeing both of them, head to the castle and pretty ancient Abbaye de Senanque. A vast carpet of lavender fills most of its pages.

Lavender flowers bloom from late June through August, and the harvest begins in mid-July to late August. In the months that you can see a variety of lavender festival in the village. The festival presents a variety of local products made ​​from lavender. There are crafts, soaps, essential oils, lavender honey, dried flowers to the bouquet.

In August, you can visit the lavender distillery to see how the essential oils. Some plantations also toured the botanical gardens and tour voyage through the most beautiful lavender. In fact, you can learn to make your own perfume!

Some stores around the lavender oil provides a variety of home products. A bunch of dried flowers, honey lavender, lavender soaps, essential oils, or air freshener is very suitable to serve as a souvenir.

In the months that the flowering of lavender, Provence is not only attractive to domestic tourists. Tourists from around the world are willing to fly away into the region to witness the stunning masterpiece of nature nan. So, if you visit France in June to August, Provence must be placed in the first list of destinations.