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Best Tourist Attractions in The World to Play Snow

Decorated winter snowfall is something that can be fun. If you are curious about the snow-covered land, here are best tourist attractions in the world to play snow:

1. Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Top of the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland is one part of the Alps. Mountains stretching from Austria to Slovenia went through several European countries including France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. One of the top tourist attractions that can be used as the Jungfraujoch.

With a height that is almost touching the clouds, do not be surprised if the mountain is covered with thick snow. Moreover, its location in Europe, the snow will be even thicker when winter comes. Many activities can be done here. Skiing, sleigh ride or ice palaces to explore fun activities during the holidays so here. To meet the heavy snow, you can visit there in December until April.
2. Taebaek, Korea

In Gangwon Province, South Korea, there is a beautiful city that will be covered with snow in the winter. This town is named Taebaek mountains Taebek backgrounds. The city is best visited in January because of the snow festival was held. Taebaeksan Snow Festival is held every year and has become a magnet for tourists.

For nearly a month, the tourists can enjoy a snowy holiday fun. This festival has a variety of exciting activities like snowball war, a snowman competition and ski competitions. Not only snow, this festival also includes a variety of food and attractions typical Korean art.

3. Manali, India

As home to the Himalayan Mountains, India also has a snow city no less charming. Manali town is located north of the Himalayas will present an unforgettable holiday full of snow. Come around October to March because of winter comes the month.

City with an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level it will turn white in winter. But it must be ready to cool clothes, because the winter temperatures here can reach -5 degrees. Cities within 550 km from Delhi is not very popular in the winter. Tourists usually fulfill this area during the summer. But if you want to sink with snow, a good holiday in the month of December to February because the month is the peak of winter.

4. Helsinki, Finland

If Manali in India feels less like a city for you, try to come to Helsinki in Finland. Finland's capital will change as winter fairyland. All buildings, roads and trees covered with snow. But as the capital, the activity here has never stopped. Cars and people passing by to view the contrast between the white snow.

Do not come in the winter, because there is no sun and the temperature is very piercing. If you want to see snow, but also want to see the sun, come from February to March. At that time, the City of Helsinki is still buried in snow, but already the sun is peeking shyly. Do not worry, it still feels the atmosphere of the winter because the temperature at the time was still fairly low.