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Best Tourist Destinations in Algeria

Algeria is the second largest country on the African continent which lies to the northwest. In this country you can be adventurous to some place to admire the charm of the existing. Below are some of the best tourist destinations in Algeria:

1. Port of Algiers

Algires harbor rich in oil and has a fertile coastal plain. First place was built by the French since the 132-years ago and ended in 1962. If you are interested in this place, you should come in the winter with the weather a bit cloudy. Enjoy views of the boats around the pier / harbor or mountain landscape around the beach.

2. El Bordj

In some neighborhoods there are also Muslim Algerians lush vineyards. It is the world's major exporter of wine that run from the French colonial era. El Bordj is a town and commune in the province of Mascara, Algeria.

3. silver hunting

One of the local products which can be found at Beni Yenni, Algeria is a silver brooch. However, there was also a craftsman who makes necklaces of shells, stones, coral and other ornaments shaped enamel. Price brooch, about $ 125

4. Saddlebags Guardian

A bright golden glow of a sudden look of a finger of a woman who wanders around the Tuareg Berbers, the Sahara Desert. Moreover, in his hands tucked into a pocket and is also the key that marked him as a family saddle holder.

5. Sahara desert

If you notice, the sand here so much and have a dry natural conditions. Saharan sand dunes occupy less than one-fifth of the Sahara with a height of about 150 feet (46 meters)