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Blue Lake, Popular New Zealand Tourist Attractions

Blue Lake in New Zealand comes with exceptional water clarity. Take a vacation down there and you can dive as deep as 80 meters of water clarity. Local people, including Maori tribe, called the Lake Tikitapu. The lake is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand.

Looked at Blue Lake will remind you of the Sapphire, beautiful crystals known as a striking blue color. Not surprisingly, the study from the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research showed that the level of visibility of Blue Lake reached 80 meters above the water surface.

From the same study, it was revealed that the lake which has visibility over 40 meters below the surface of the water indicates the water quality is the same as the distillation of water. Clarity of the lake is only rivaled by the Pacific Ocean, specifically near Easter Island.

Things To Do In Blue Lake New Zealand

Here, you not only spoiled by the blue waters of the lake. The surrounding green hills gives color contrast, which automatically becomes a stunning sight in your eyes. Even from some angles, you can see the reflection of the sky and the hills by the lake reflected like a mirror.

Blue Lake became one of the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign tourists in New Zealand. Visited this place only takes two hours of trekking from Blue Lake Reserve, with a fairly easy path to follow.

You will pass along their path of exotic woods, and beautiful beaches on the other side. In Blue Lake, in addition to swimming in the water with extreme clarity, you can also surround the lake by boat or water ski.