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Costa Navarino, Beautiful Greece Tourist Attractions

For those of you who have not determined a vacation spot, choose Greece with the ultimate goal is Costa Navarino. Here you can visit the beautiful beaches and some ancient buildings, including a fortress.

Costa Navarino in the Peloponnese region of southern and western rural location not far from the heat and olive farm. There is also two luxury hotels in the Westin Resort with views of the Ionian Sea and olive plantations.

If you want to feel the natural paradise in there, move on to the Peloponnese. Park area known as the Greek is much visited by tourists. Then you can go back to the palace Mykenaean and Byzantine church in the province of Messinia.

In Greece there is also one of the best beaches in the world, namely Voidokilia. Uniquely shaped beach is shaped like the Greek letter omega Ω.

Of Voidokilia you can walk ten minutes to stay at the resort Romanos and taste delicious dishes in a row of restaurants. Occasionally you can still staring at the beach Voidokilia previously been seen in daylight.

Some foods that are stealing the attention of tourists is the aromatic spice chicken fillet grilled with butter and yogurt sauce. However, there is a typical menu of Mediterranean and other local food that is no less delicious.