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Crabtree Falls, Beautiful Virginia Tourist Attractions

Still in Virginia, yet not in Lynchburg, you can visit the stunning natural appearance that is Crabtree Falls. Crabtree waterfalls including the George Washington National Forest is one of the highest waterfall in the United States.

As one of beautiful Virginia tourist attractions, Crabtree Falls has 370 meters high but is likely closer to a height of 305 meters. No matter how high, this waterfall scene from the heights seem amazing. Crabtree Falls is a waterfall with a five-story main level where the highest about 122 feet. Around the waterfall, you will find a path called the Crabtree Falls Trail.

The flow of water from Crabtree Falls and other small waterfall flowing through the Tye River. These rivers flow into the Crabtree Falls Trail. At Crabtree Falls Trail, you'll also find wooden stairs, gravel roads and spectacular bridge over the Tye River.

The 110 foot wooden bridge that crossed the Tye River has the most interesting stories. This is the first part of the cruising lane improvements made ​​by the the forest department in the late 1970s.