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Glass Beach, California Beach Tourist Attractions

If Hawaii had a green and red sand beaches, California has a sandy beach glass. Colorful glass stones make this beach as the sandy gems. See for yourself the uniqueness of this beach while visiting there.

As the name implies, Glass Beach is a beach with sand glass. Glass stones scattered along the coast. This unique beaches in MacKerricher National Park, near the City of Fort Bragg, California.

Glass sand is not present all of a sudden, but through the years. At the beginning of the 20th century, the beach is a waste disposal area by the residents around there. A variety of garbage was thrown in here, ranging from bottles, household appliances, until cars.

That is why this beach is called "The Dumps" by locals. Sometimes, there are also burning on the beach is to reduce the mounting garbage. In 1967, the government closed the area to curb waste. From then on, the beach is cleaned and repaired.

Apparently, the waves managed to turn waste glass bottle and there into something beautiful. After many years, waste glass in there changed into rocks. Rocks glass is no longer sharp, but was flat and soft. Not only the shape, the rocks are also interesting because of its diversity.

This natural phenomenon makes Glass Beach became a tourist destination in California. Many people come here out of curiosity with the sand glass, many also want to bring home a unique sand as a souvenir. First, visitors can still take this with a free glass stones. However, after the beach area of ​​150,000 square meters was taken over by the National Park MacKerricher, these rocks were also protected glass.

Visitors can come and enjoy this beach as much, but it should not take the glass rocks that are here. Even so, there are still visitors who secretly pocketed a few pieces of stone or glass to take home.

If you come here, visitors should use sandals with thick soles. This avoids the possibility that glass stone is here broken and can injure the feet of visitors.