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Isfahan, Top Tourist Attractions In Iran

Panorama of cultural tourism in the Middle East, actually not only in terms Pyramids, Egypt. Iran also has cultural attractions was less great. Precisely in Isfahan, a picturesque old town with some amazing historical heritage.

Isfahan is located in the central part of Iran, also called by the name 'Nisf-e Jahan "which means half of the world. That is, anyone who visited Isfahan means can feel half the beauty world.

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East region. Inhabitants live in peace, tranquility, and always take care of historical heritage around them. Not surprisingly, many buildings in Isfahan remains as new even though the building is centuries old.

Isfahan is a city split Zayandeh Rud River. A bridge across this river is a bridge 33 the door, called Siuse Pool. In addition to this bridge, Isfahan has many interesting places worth visiting as a cultural attraction. No wonder recently established Isfahan as the "Capital of Islamic Culture".

The area has a population of some ethnic groups is considered a friendly city. Population there are always welcomed tourists with familiar atmosphere but polite. This friendly atmosphere complete with more stable weather conditions. Despite having four distinct seasons each year, the weather changes in this city is always on time. Of course this is very helpful for tourists to visit the Isfahan in good time anyway.

The uniqueness of Isfahan as the cultural assets of the Middle East, could not be separated from an extremely long history. Since centuries ago, Isfahan continues to change the culture by passing a lot of old buildings architecture of Islamic culture. Among these is the Friday Mosque and the House Chahar Bagh.

Friday Mosque is considered the oldest mosque in Isfahan. The mosque was first built in 138 AH, at about the time when it defeated a Seljuk dynasty dynasty descendants of Genghis Khan. The mosque is adjacent to a field known as the Green Field, Darsdasth. As well as the Friday Mosque, Chahar Bagh Building is one of the very old buildings.

This building remains the king of Shah Sultan Husayn in the Safavi Dynasty, around the year 1706 AD. Not far from Chahar Bagh, there is a field called Naqse Maidan, which means 'world map'. It is said that this place is called so because it considered the center point guide to the cultural history of the Islamic world. Field which is also known by the name of this priest Maidan dimension 500 x 165 square meters.