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Ittoqqortoormiit Beautiful Denmark Tourist Attractions

Ittoqqortoormiit beautiful Denmark tourist attractions that interesting to explore, his name is hard to read. However destinations in Greenland in Denmark has a charming landscape, although the area is somewhat isolated.

Scenery in the area with 500 inhabitants is actually very impressive. Colors and shapes like a lego house, lego people are arranged in a neat and pretty. Red, blue, yellow, and green decorate the houses look pretty funny that. Uniquely, each house using only one color.

The town is also known as Scoresbysund is indeed very interesting to visit. However, unfortunately not easy to reach a city located in eastern Greenland.

each year the city is always visible frozen, white, covered with ice. Although, to be located on the coast, obtaining frozen seawater. Only 3 months of the year the sea that surrounds the boat Ittoqqortoormiit passable.

This Ittoqqortoormiit communities survive by hunting seals, sea lions, to polar bears. Yes, hunting is a way for them to survive. In addition, a resort town is also one way of income for life. But, what is difficult is the course of its own difficulties for the tourists.

Actually in this city are near Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport, which is more worthy of the airport called helipad. However, the scarcity of the flight that made ​​this city a constraint. Though some tourists was deeply interested and want to see this isolated city life.

To reach this isolated beautiful town, tourists can only use two paths, that is air and sea. If by sea, tourists should enjoy the ride for several months. However, if going by air travelers must be patient waiting for a flight that is usually only done once a week.

Comfortable, cool, and peaceful life Ittoqqortoormiit so far from the frenetic development of civilization. Only because of distance and location of the hard covered, make the tourists have to be patient to visit the beautiful Ittoqqortoormiit.