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Keukenhof Stunning Netherland Tourist Attractions

Keukenhof stunning Netherland tourist attractions. Seeing hundreds or even thousands of tulips in a garden must be very stunning. Colorful tulips which became an icon of the Netherlands is also very beautiful. Cheerfulness during the holidays when you are going broke on the Keukenhof, the Netherlands.

If going on holiday to the Netherlands sometime in March-May, be sure to visit Keukenhof as a target in the series of your vacation on the the state Queen Beatrix. Keukenhof is a tulip garden that is the largest in the Netherlands. There is an assumption if you do not stop and enjoy the beautiful tulips on the Keukenhof synonymous never stop in the Netherlands. Tulip garden is really interesting.

One thing that makes it unique from the Keukenhof gardens in contrast to the other, which is located on a visit to the park this period. Keukenhof is only open to the public of the month from March to May each year. This, along with the presence of spring in the Netherlands is the best time for these beautiful tulips are blooming.

If you want to land in the Netherlands in the period of the visit Keukenhof then certainly a beautiful view of fields of tulips in various colors can be seen from the plane window. Aladdin is like a real natural rug ciamik ready to pamper the eyes and welcomed us in the country when it comes to these windmills.

Each year, the Keukenhof is always a different theme. in 2010, Keukenhof theme is "Love from Russia," while for 2012 the theme "Poland-Heart of Europe". Poland was chosen to be a big theme this year because the country gave birth to many world-class artists.

Within this park there is a manmade lake complete with swans in it beautiful. Keukenhof was not only the main house for tulips, but there are approximately seven million flower varieties are cultivated here. And, it took a full day to enjoy the natural beauty in every corner of the park that has been established since 60 years ago.

So, if a visit to the Netherlands, a time to be a part of yourself in the beauty of Keukenhof. And, enjoy the beauty and the beauty of tulips and other flowers wrapped in elegance Netherlands.