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Rainbow Bridge, Amazing Utah Tourist Attractions

One of the beauties of nature carvings you can see in Utah, United States, is a  rainbow bridge.. Reddish granite of the Colorado plateau is a natural arch that you can see by boat, on foot or by horse.

Natural bridge over the age of 100 years is a very majestic stands among the hills of red stone. Here, you can see the beauty and learn about the rich geological and human life in the past. You can also figure out how the state of the American West 100 years ago.

That have a high natural bridge 290 feet or about 88 feet and 270 feet or about 83 meters is located at the base of Navajo mountain, about 8 miles north of the border state of Arizona. Five Indian tribes in the area considered sacred.

There are several paths you can go through to get to the rainbow bridge. First, you can walk as far as 18 miles (about 29 kilometers) from the northeast side of the mountain Navajo or 16 miles (about 26 kilometers) from the Rainbow Lodge ruins on the southwest side of the mountain.

For an easier trip, you can use the boat engine from Page, Ariz.. The journey of water as far as 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) across Lake Powell, made ​​possible by the formation of Glen Canyon dam in the 1960s.

The journey by boat engine provides a wonderful way to see sights such as canyons and geological formations of hundreds of millions of years old.

There is no admission fee at the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The entry fee of about U.S. $ 7 per person is only subject to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. From here you can access the rainbow bridge to the boat.