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Things To Do in Perth, Australia

Perth is the place you must visit while in Australia. The number of tourist destinations as well as the beautifully historic parks and food, will make you fall in love with this city.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia state. The city is known as the Port City, because it is situated on the beach. Perth is divided into two parts, the North Perth and South Perth. The two sections are separated by the Swan River and is connected by highways.

Things To Do in Perth, Australia :

There are many tourist destinations in Perth, one of which is King's park. King's Park is a beautiful area and extensive gardens. That said, the park is the largest park in the world. Garden green, clean, beautiful and remedy. In addition, King's Park also known as 'the highest point in Perth'. Of the glass bridge in King's park, you can see the City of Perth, ports, and rivers. It's beautiful.

And architectural style of the King's Park has a model similar to the English garden. First, invaded by the British in Australia, so there are some cultures that are still attached. At King's Park also has a memorial monument to the Australian soldiers who died when British colonial past.

Satisfied at King's Park, step your feet to Fremantle, one of the suburbs in Perth. Fremantle is known as the city's historic and tourist city. On weekends, there is a Sunday Market in the region. The price is quite cheap and good quality. Do not forget to taste a variety of seafood that is typical of Australia, the fish n 'chips, fish flour and fried snapper served with fries and salad.

At Fremantle Prison Fremantle also there, the prison from the time the British colonized Australia. You can join this tour to the museum, both during the day or night. If at night, you will explore the canals beneath the soil. Bold?

Perth is also known as 'Bell Tower'. First, the population of Australia rang the bell, if any British ship coming. Bell Tower is a museum whose contents are the bells that used in earlier times. Bell tower on the port side of the City of Perth.

In addition, there is still a Central Business District (CBD) which is a shopping center and the Museum of Western Australia. Not only that, in the south there is a Perth Zoo, the zoo in the city of Perth. You can chat directly with kangaroos and koalas in this place. Do not forget to browse the Swan River and met with a black swan, the icon of the City of Perth.

There are three types of transportation that you can use here, such as buses, trains, and ships. Some places in Perth too much occupied by the people of Asia, like China, China, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. So many Asian restaurants and kosher restaurants, one of which contained Indonesian restaurant.

Perth will make anyone fall in love while visiting there. The place is very clean, beautiful, and comfortable. Do not forget to visit the Perth one day.