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Things To Do In Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

Sculpture baroque style and the post-modern, become typical scenery during the day in the center of city. While at night, Santa Fe turned gracefully, as if thousands of fireflies decorating the city.

Things To Do in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

The entry of Santa Fe into the book 101 Romantic Gateway reinforces the beauty of this city. Located in the state of New Mexico, Santa Fe became the fourth largest city. As the second oldest in the U.S., not surprisingly, Santa Fe is home to American artists.

Town square is filled with a variety of beautiful sculptures scattered. Began carving style of baroque, renaissance, post-modern to decorate the city center. City area of ​​96.9 square km has the third largest art market in the U.S.. Galleries and exhibitions to meet this market.

For art lovers, museums in Santa Fe will satisfy their desires. There are more than five art museums spread across the city. Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of Indian Arts and the Museum of Spanish Colonial Arts is a museum that you can go.

After being hypnotized by the arts, now prepare yourself to be lulled back to nature. Emigration of artists to the city it is not unreasonable. Santa Fe beautiful nature was that attracted them to settle. Flora and fauna that make the city even more beautiful it looks stunning. Santa Fe become one of beautiful tourist attractions in USA.

At night, lights and moonlight will dramatize the city. Flickering lights along the way will spoil your eyes. Not to mention the lights wrapped around trees, make you walk in the woods full of fireflies. Buildings such as restaurants and unique shops no less at night. A restaurant of mud decorated with paper lanterns around the building and produce a very beautiful scenery.

Most appropriate when traveling to this beautiful city is mid-September. In it, the mountains are covered with Aspen trees began to appear yellow because of the trees began to wither. Added with the fresh air and bright blue skies all day.