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Things To Do In Western Australia, Perth

Want to a vacation to enjoy the beautiful scenery, unique, and fun. You could consider Western Australia as a destination. It presents a beautiful panorama of the unimaginable.

Western Australia is the largest state in the continent of Australia. With its capital in Perth, Western Australia in addition to having a lot of farms and plantations, mines also stand to make the Australian economy continues to move. In addition, Western Australia is also equipped with a tourist destination that is not boring.

One of the tourist area worth visiting is the Mandurah which is the second largest city in Western Australia. Mandurah is a coastal city surrounded by modern houses with beautiful designs. Tourists who come to Mandurah, in addition treated to beautiful scenery, lively can also see wild dolphins that swim sometimes even jumped out of the water.

"If you're lucky, can certainly see the dolphins swimming, jumping. However, they are also used to hide, "said Heidi, one of Bouvard Cruises guide.

Apart from enjoying hilarity of dolphins, with cruise ships that take tourists around the Mandurah Canal, you can also see houses with a design that is quite captivating. If you want lunch on the cruise, do not forget to book in advance. Therefore, the place is limited, but quite a lot of tourist interest.

Did not get a lunch in the cruise, do not be afraid to starve. In a lot of standing around Mandurah Canal restaurant and cafe serving specialties Australia and Europe.

Not only that you should visit Mandurah, took two hours drive from Mandurah, you will get to the City of Busselton. This beautiful city has enough tourist spot known as the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory The. In this resort there are almost 2 km long bridge that connects the Indian Ocean shoreline with underwater observation center.

To reach the center of the underwater observation tourists can walk or use the train. Once in the underwater observation center, visitors will see the bottom of the sea is quite beautiful. Many marine habitats that can be enjoyed, from the beautiful coral, beautiful fish, other marine animals to the very unique. More than 300 species of marine life under the Busselton Jetty.

To know such species, the tourists will be given an explanation by the guide, do not forget the history of the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory The. You can also swim, diving, and snorkeling in the beach with amazing views. Even if you're lucky, you can also play with the dolphins.

The next tourist attractions that you can also enjoy the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse historic site. In just 30 minutes from Busselton Jetty, you've got a pretty historic place. Here you can see the lighthouse lamp that is antique, but still well maintained. Above the top of the lighthouse as tall as 123 meters, you can see the expanse of the Indian Ocean so wide spread. Lighthouse that has stood since 1903 it has various mystical story.

Another interesting story from the western region of Australia also you can find in Perth, like other cities, Perth is also seen as a very clean city. No visible garbage strewn, even the Swan River that surrounds the city looks very clear and clean.

To be able to enjoy the beautiful views of Perth city and Swan River, you can glide to Kings Park. Naturally, this park is named king of Kings Park or the park because it is above the Swan River so they can look at the breadth of Perth city and surrounding areas. In the land area of ​​400.6 hectares is to grow a wide range of unique plants typical of Australia.

Swan River has a history of importance to indigenous Australia, the Aborigines. Gregg, who is of Aboriginal descent to tell, the meeting point of the Swan River and two other major rivers is said to be the location of the meeting of many Aborigines in the past. In addition, plants that grow in Kings Park is also very important to the lives of Aborigines. He pointed out the salt bush plants saltbusatau. Small-leafed plants, but it looks thick white webbed. This is because the natural grain of fine salt in the leaves saltbus.

Besides to a kitchen, saltbus Aborigines first used to treat various diseases. The most interesting in Kings Park, there is one giant tree called the tree or the Boab Adansonia Gregorii. This tree can reach hundreds of years old, even Boab trees are the oldest in Western Australia have reached the age of 758 years. This tree is unique because it can store water in large enough quantities. Water savings that will come out if hollowed tree trunk. In addition to containing enough water, the fruit of this tree also contains vitamin C is very high.