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Visit Beautiful Bora-Bora Island, French Polynesia

Cottage in the middle of the sea, the distant mountain scenery and unspoiled island, sounds like heaven. Place on earth, exactly in French Polynesia, the Pacific Ocean. Bora-Bora, a paradise in the middle of the sea.

Bora-Bora Island is one of the island is owned by the association of French-owned islands, French Polynesia. This beautiful island located at 230 kilometers northwest of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. The island is a natural rock barrier and also a beautiful lagoon in the middle of the ocean.

Things To Do In Bora-Bora Island

Two mountain in the middle of the island to complete the beauty. Both the mountain is called Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. If you go there, you would not be willing to wink because the scenery is very impressive. Calm waves with white sand and bright sun into the main sights. Green peak in the middle of the island complements blue sky and sea.

You can choose to stay where. There are bungalows spread out to sea in the circle of the island, beach cottage, or a cottage overlooking the beach. If you want a honeymoon, Bora-Bora is the right place. You can stay in bungalows spread out to sea.

The place is quiet and very natural building will pamper you and your partner. During the day, you can simply swim to the sea was calm with a white sand bottom. You can enjoy the warm sun that penetrate between wooden bungalow.

Not only that, you can sunbathe on the white sand beach. While enjoying a nice meal and a place of resort you are staying. You can snorkel around the interior of the island, or play a bike around the resort. In addition, you can also enjoy spa and massage in prioritizing natural ingredients.

After being played on the beach, you can enjoy the intimate nature. No smoke pollution and other things that pollute the air. There is also no horn or loud noises that interfere with the ears. Just you and nature. For those of you who want to find inspiration, Bora-Bora can be the best media you in finding ideas and inspiration.

Bora-bora is not just beautiful beaches, but also the right place for you who want to find more than just peace. So, enter the island of Bora-Bora in the list of your tour and feel the experience of making out with nature in the Pacific Ocean.