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Visit Fraser Island, Beautiful Australia Tourist Attractions

No soil, sand filling every inch of this island. Fraser Island in Australia is the world's largest sand island. Majestic and beautiful natural beaches in this tourist destination make more perfect.

This unique island covering an area of ​​123 square kilometers is located near the coast of Queensland, Australia. Romantic Places 101 books called this island as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Beauty of this island can not be denied.

Blanketed the land of white sand and clear sea water nan embrace this island. Rain forests and lush green land and fill the middle of beautiful lakes complement the beauty that seemed endless.

Fraser Island has a pretty bumpy surface. The highest hills here can reach 240 meters. In the lower mainland, there are flowers blooming summer flirting with colorful spring and summer.

The center of the island is filled with natural rainforest which is decorated with more than 100 lakes as clear watery mirror. Explore the forest and green tersesatlah in nature and crystal clear waters of the lake. Banks of Fraser Island also offers a million nautical charm.

In the Great Sandy Strait, the dugong and turtles will greet you from the sea. When August and September, came to the beach Hervey and let your eyes bulging see whales passing there. Every year in the months, there are more than 1,500 whales migrate through the coastal route.

If go to the Indian Head area in the east of the island, you can see dolphins, sharks and whales. Here is the best place to peek 3 marine fauna of this extraordinary. Giant stingrays, manta rays can also be found in waters off Fraser Island.

Fraser has a lot of fauna, both land and sea. Turtles, opossums, bats, squirrels and several reptiles are animals that can be found here. Not yet flock of birds, there are over 200 species of birds that live on this island.