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Visit Ocmulgee National Park, USA Tourist Attractions

Enjoying leisure Ocmulgee. Ocmulgee is one of America's national monuments and parks are located in the Highland Macon, Georgia. This park was once a burial site that was built by people native Mississippi circa 900-950 AD.

Ocmulgee National Park became a conservation area has been inhabited for over 11,000 years. During this time, the people who live there just to make pottery and sell it to the Hopewell, in the north of South Georgia.

While visiting the Ocmulgee, which is seen in the main area of the park is Earth Lodge which has a door. Nearby there is also a circle of chairs and a statue believed to be symbolic birds bring into their lives better.

This is the largest of eight Earth Lodge in Macon Plateau. Here you can walk through an early British trading post to the Small Temple of the Great Temple Mound and Mound, built in 900-950 AD

From the height of the Great Temple Mound, you can see first hand the beautiful scenery city of Macon and Ocmulgee National Monument. This mound was originally composed of a long wooden, square-shaped markers predicted the class of religious leaders.


Ocmulgee Monument opened from 9 am until 5 pm local time. Admission was free. To get to this place, you can go to I-75 from Macon to take the route I-16 East and exit at the door 2. From there, you can turn left on Highway 80. Then turn to the kana after 5 miles past Emery Highway. Ocmulgee National Park is on the right.