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Visit Wat Sai Floating Market, Interesting Thailand Attractions

Thailand had Wat Sai Floating Market. Wat Sai Floating Market was the center of trading activities on the river on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Thailand is a country that has a lot of tourist attractions ranging from shopping, nature tourism and travel all night in order to fairly slick. Everything looks interesting, one of which is Wat Sai Floating Market or floating market.

This floating market may be less familiar to foreign tourists coming to Thailand, but is located only about 10 km from Bangkok. Wat Sai Floating Market in addition to the activities at the floating market, we can also see the building of the temple or similar place of worship Buddhists.

The situation is the same as other markets, only the activity of selling and purchasing carried out on the boat. therefore, if you want to see first hand the atmosphere of the transaction at Wat Sai Floating Market, we have to hire taxis to get around the boat around the river which in use for the market area. Thai floating market has operating hours from 5 am to 11 noon.

Cost required to hire a boat at Wat Sai Floating was fairly cheap. Only with 300 Bath per boat we've been able to get around as far as approximately 5 km. Direct views of residents living around the river became friends while traveling by boat.

Special in this river, namely the existence of which population of catfish very much and live in safety and peace in this river. This is because there are no people which want to catch the fish. So, do not even think that the river is dirty because although the market, along the river around Wat Arun there are also many homes which can keep track the cleanliness.