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Visit Yaeyama Islands, Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Japan

At the southern tip of Japan, the Yaeyama Islands which beautiful, 'virgins'. Among them, the island is the most beautiful Hateruma. Remote, no crowds, and blends nicely with the blue Pacific Ocean.

There is a feeling isolated when you set foot on this island. Once treated to a trip along the ocean blue sea, you will be faced with gently sloping white sand beaches. Unfolds before the eyes of some vegetation: banyan tree, bamboo, is also hibiscus flowers and orchids. The more you walk, smell the flowers were even clearer.

Think of it as a welcome from Hateruma Island, Yaeyama Islands, Japan. It is a tropical nuances of Japanese territory.

All seemed to blend the natural beauty of the island. When looking at the open sea, shades of light blue and light blue seemed a stark contrast. The blue color is produced by one more sunny skies, with white clouds floating in the air. No sound, no resorts, no restaurants, no beach party, and without the crowds.

No wonder Hateruma was asked as the most beautiful island in Japan. Hateruma was ordered to get into the 501 Must-Visit Islands Bounty Books version.

Although it did not appear at all the life, the island also has a population Hateruma. They gathered in the center of the island, the majority of fishermen. Some of them are also gardening cane, and produce alcoholic beverages named Awanami high economic value.

Run on the beach sand as fine as talcum powder. Take your snorkel and swim in crystal clear seas. Colorful coral reefs are so beautiful you will instantly welcome. Not to forget, tropical fish and forth rainbow colors around it.

If you want to enjoy the panoramic ocean, beach Nishi is the right place. In harmony with the island, Nishi also asked as the most beautiful beaches in Japan. You can view the sea while sitting under a shady tree. There was only the sound of waves and wind, combined with the rustling of leaves.

In addition to panoramic land and sea, Hateruma also famous for panoramic sky. Yes, Hateruma is one of the most beautiful places to see stars, mainly because of its distance from the pollution. Therefore, the best time to come to this island is the month of December to June, when thousands are like shining stars.

Not hard to visited this beautiful island in Japan. You can perform flights from major cities like Tokyo and Kyoto) to the island of Ishigaki. After that, the journey will continue with the ferry straight to Hateruma.