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Visit Zagreb, Tourist Attraction in Croatia

As the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is a beautiful city rich in heritage. Parks, lakes, and ancient buildings became the pride of the town nan friendly. The city will hypnotize anyone who set foot on the green landscape.

Europe is not limited to French, Dutch, German, or English. Try to open your eyes to countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia is also located in Central Europe. The latter country had a remarkable beauty. Its capital, Zagreb, be a reflection of the artistic and modern Europe.

True traveler should not miss this one city. Zagreb will remind you of other cities in Central Europe such as Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Ancient buildings scattered throughout the city, a beautiful setting in the camera when it enshrined.

The first place you should go when you arrive in Zagreb is Zagreb's Tourist Information Center. Here, you can buy the Zagreb Card is sold exclusively by tourists. Zagreb is a Passport Card public transport in the city. In addition to cheap (about 12 Euro), you can also cut prices on some of the museums, restaurants and shops. This card is valid 72 hours from the date of arrival.

There is not one particular part of town themed cultural, or religious, or commercial. Were blended in two parts of the city of Gornji grad (Upper Town) and Donji grad (Lower Town). Gornji grad subdivided into two, namely Kaptol and Gradec.

In Gornji grad, you can visit the Old Town Gate which is famous for his painting of the Virgin Mary. One part of the bridge, which Kamenita vrata, filled with candles that number in the thousands. Local residents believe, if you turn out the candle, then the desire will come true. Mary painting itself is sacred, since it is the only thing that survived the flames that devoured the bridge was centuries ago.

A popular meeting point in town is Strossmayer Setaliste. Similar shape of the square. In the summer, this place is filled with artists such as painters and musicians. From this place, you can easily reach some of the museum.

One thing you need to remember, most museums and historical buildings are closed on Sundays, at exactly 13:00 local time. Monday off, then open again starting Tuesday. With discounts of Zagreb Card, you can enter several museums such as Muzej Minara (art museum) and Arheoloski Muzej (archaeological museum). Museum of the latter is apparently famous, one of them as a collection of ancient Egyptian relics like a mummy found in Zagreb.

After being around the museum, a time to yourself to visit the cemetery. Relax, this is not a regular cemetery. Mirogoj his name, known by the beautiful architecture of the building. Mirogoj cemetery is one of the most impressive in the world, which became one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

As a reflection of the State of Croatia, Zagreb is a city with a dominance of the green landscape. Head to Maksimir Park, the biggest park in Zagreb is enhanced by small lakes. Get some fresh air combined with the smell of grass that refreshes the mind. In addition to Maksimir Park, there are also several other parks that could be used as a picnic and relax in the afternoon.

The beauty of the City of Zagreb did not stop there. Imagine, this city has two lakes at once! Jarun lake is located south of the city became a favorite recreation of local residents. In addition, there is also Lake Bundek the venue for a variety of summer performances, including arts festivals, music, fireworks, and horticulture.

As a city located in the back of Mount Medvednica, Zagreb has a special place to close your day. His name Medvedgrad, a fortress located at an altitude of 1000 masl. Formerly, the fort was built to commemorate the Croatian soldiers who died on the battlefield.

But now, the tourists deliberately climbed for hours, or climb a mountain bike to set foot in there before dusk. Because when dusk missed most impressive panorama of the City of Zagreb will be lost in the month.